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Welcome to Translyvania's Villa Vinèa

Take me to a hillside overlooking the beautiful Târnave River Valley where the views from Villa Vinèa (Mica, Mureş County) are amazing. In a short time this DOC Târnave region, Transylvanian winery has been recognized as a producer of premium wines. While at the winery we would taste fantastic wines, adopt a Fetească Regală vine, enjoy a delicious late afternoon lunch overlooking this inviting landscape, and experience hospitality at its best.

Welcome to Transylvania Wine Country © Spaswinefood

I certainly know how the owner felt when he discovered the most beautiful, promising land in the middle of Transylvania, not far from the city of Tîrgu-Mureș. He certainly captured the spirit of this place in the following statement:

I fell in love instantly with this area and, to this day, I still remember the first time I set eyes on it: its charming landscape of the Tarnave river, carefully caressed by light, with  hills that reminded me of an untamed Tuscany. I decided to make it my home, start a vineyard and create unique wines, of great character, that would remain memorable with those who taste them.  Heiner Oberrauch, Villa Vinèa owner 

During our #winelover visit I was equally shocked by its beauty. I would further note that only are the views from the winery stunning but also, the wines are great!  Moreover, the general manager, and the staff were wonderful hosts during our visit.

Welcome to Villa Vinèa © Spaswinefood

Welcome to Villa Vinèa

We had come to Villa Vinèa in Mica (HungarianMikefalva, GermanNickelsdorf) a commune in Mureș County.  The county is composed of seven villages: Abuș (AbosfalvaAbtsdorf), Căpâlna de Sus (Felsőkápolna), Ceuaș (Szászcsávás), Deaj (Désfalva), Hărănglab (Harangláb), Mica and Șomoștelnic (Somostelke). Tîrgu-Mureș, also spelled Târgu Mureş (Hungarian MarosvásárhelyGerman Neumarkt) the capital of Mureş judeƫ (county) in north-central Romania lies on the Mureş River, in the southeastern part of the Transylvanian Basin. While our time here was too brief it was impossible to miss the natural beauty of this place.

Welcome to Mureș County, Translyvania © Spaswinefood

Throughout the day the changing light showcased the beauty all around us.

Mureș County © Spaswinefood

I loved taking in the views of Mica and other villages that dot the landscape.

Vineyard, Farmlands, & Villages of Mureș County © Spaswinefood

Mureș County Vineyard, Farmland, & Villages © Spaswinefood

This young Transylvania winery of 70 hectares first planted vines in 2006, and officially released it first vintage in 2012. Located in the DOC Târnave region its wine brands include Villa Vinèa, Castel Vinum, Terra Negra, Contessa, Diamant, and Rubin. The grape varieties grown, besides Fetească Regală, are Fetească Albă, Sauvignon Blanc, Rhine Riesling, Muscat Ottonel, Kerner, Gewürztraminer, Fetească Neagră, Zweigelt, Merlot, and Pinot Noir. In fact shortly after our arrival, we were served a welcoming glass of sparkling rosé wine by the winery manager.

Villa Vinèa Wines

Welcome to Villa Vinèa © Spaswinefood
Villa Vinèa, Rosé Celést Brut © Spaswinefood

This Villa Vinèa brut Rosé Celést was the perfect wine for a hot late spring day.  It was the first sparkling rosé wine launched by the winery. There were some local products to go along with this delicious pinot noir rosé wine.

Local Products To Taste © Spaswinefood

Razvan and Catalin also added a delicious picnic.

Picnic Time © Spaswinefood

During our visit we would get to know Villa Vinèa wine brands (Villa Vinèa, Castel Vinum, Terra Negra, Contessa, Diamant, and Rubin) and sparkling wines.

Wine is about Balance © Spaswinefood

Now let's take a look at the wines:

Diamant (Fetească Regală-Fetească Alba)Târnave-Târnavine DOC-CMD 2020 

Diamant (Fetească Regală-Fetească Alba)Târnave-Târnavine DOC-CMD 2020 © Spaswinefood

Fetească Regală-Fetească AlbaTârnave-Târnavine DOC-CMD 2020 (back label) © Spaswinefood

Villa Vinèa, Pinot Noir, Târnave-Târnavine DOC-CMD 2019

Pinot Noir, Târnave-Târnavini DOC-CMD 2019  © Spaswinefood
Pinot Noir, Târnave-Târnavini DOC-CMD 2019 (back label) © Spaswinefood

Rubin (Merlot-Zweigelt-Fetească Neagră)Târnave-Târnavini DOC-CMD 2018
Rubin (Merlot-Zweigelt-Fetească Neagră)Târnave-Târnavini DOC-CMD 2018 © Spaswinefood

Merlot-Zweigelt-Fetească Neagră,Târnave-Târnavini DOC-CMD 2018 (back label) © Spaswinefood

Towards the end of our visit came a special wine.

Villa Vinèa, Contessa 2019

Villa Vinèa, Contessa 2019 © Spaswinefood

Villa Vinèa, Contessa 2019 (back label) © Spaswinefood

Contessa, an aromatic white dessert wine, is considered to be a gem of this winery. It is made with Muscat Ottonel and Kerner grapes utilizing a special technological process.

Of course we had Fetească Regală!

Villa Vinèa, Fetească Regală, Târnave DOC-CMD 2019
Villa Vinèa, Fetească Regală, Târnave DOC-CMD 2019 © Spaswinefood

Villa Vinèa Continued 

We toured the winery, took in the views, and visited the vineyard during our visit.  Of course, we met the winemaker.

Winemaker, Villa Vinèa © Spaswinefood

I was so delighted to be part of Winelover Romania's adopting a Fetească Regală vine. With the First Fetească Regală International Day to celebrated next day, June 3, 2022 it was timely.

Welcome to Villa Vinèa Vineyard © Spaswinefood

TV crew where there to film this special event in the vineyard (here's the link).

Interviewing the Winemaker, Villa Vinea Vineyard © Spaswinefood

Winelover Romania Adopting Fetească Regală Vine, Source: Leonor Martins

For sure the Fetească Regală vines deserve a closer look.

Villa Vinèa, Fetească Regală Vine © Spaswinefood

Baby Fetească Regală on the Vine, Villa Vinèa © Spaswinefood
Fetească Regală on the Vine, Villa Vinèa © Spaswinefood

The Villa Vinèa vineyard is a special place for #winelovers. 

Villa Vinèa Vineyard, Mureș County © Spaswinefood 

Later we enjoyed a late lunch overlooking the vineyard. A goulash that this area is known for was served.

 Late Lunch, Villa Vinèa © Spaswinefood

Goulash, Villa Vinèa © Spaswinefood

What a beautiful Villa Vinèa  experience we had! I look forward to hearing great things about this winery.

Day's End, Villa Vinèa © Spaswinefood

Villa Vinèa is an absolute must for wine travelers. I am so glad we spent time here. Without a doubt Romania is for winelovers therefore I invite you to join me in my travels in Romania and elsewhere at Wine Travels with Dr. Sharon and at Spaswinefood on Twitter and FacebookSpecial thanks to Razvan Stoenescu, and all of our wonderful Romanian hosts for making my vine-filled explorations so memorable. 


June 2022
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